Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Siblings tend to win Amazing Race...Yay! Tammy and Victor

It's has come to another end of a season of The Amazing Race. Season 14 is seriously a season worth watching. With fantastic and competitive teams pushing to the limits, it's really nerve racking when it comes to an end of another leg. I was very happy to see Tammy and Victor finished first at the finish line and captured the one million dollar prize.
Tammy and Victor (siblings and lawyers), which is my favorite team on this season. Throughout the race, you can see them pushing themselves to the limits and let nothing stop them. I can't really remember how many legs they actually won but it's more than the other teams. I'm really amazed with the relationship that they have although there's still fights and arguments at the beginning few legs but thank God, it became better which did not affect their position in the race.

Tammy and Victor

Now, Jamie and Cara (Former NFL Cheerleaders). They came in second at the finish line. I like them coz they're cute although they may be demanding at times with their cab driver. hahahaha. They're not so competitive compared to the rest.

Jamie and Cara

Margie and Luke (Mother and son), this mother and son team really impress me a lot even though they're not my favorite team. This is because Luke is the first dumb and deaf contestant that has ever compete on the Amazing Race. The thing that impresses many is his perseverance and his mother. Margie is really a strong and dedicated single mother. Having raised a child that's dumb and deaf is not easy but requires the will power to overcome all the obstacles in life. They came in third at the finish line coz he struggled at the final road block but he really have a fantastic memory but Victor has the best.
Margie and Luke

I'm still looking to another season of The Amazing Race and can't wait to watch another team of siblings win the race again and hopefully create a new record whereby in few consecutive times siblings wins The Amazing Race.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Super duper EMO month...flashing back......

I really don't know why on earth am I so emo since the emcee announced the results of our EAK Competition until now and I am always bothered by the results and can't seem to get out of that freakin' vision that I get whenever I shut my eyes. Honestly, looking at those faces of the St. Joseph students assuming that their 'worst' than us (in fact, they're thinking that they're better than us) really annoyed me a lot (I mean A LOT!!!!! They were super fake). Gawd!! And SMK LUTONG, I never liked that school, I mean those EAK students! Gosh, It's killing me!!! But anyway, It's an experience that me and my team mates will never forget. Indeed, I was kinda traumatized by the results and could not except it in the first place. Well, I can't do anything too!!

This is us before our competition starts

Funny faces
(look at those people behind, they're the Josephian's)
P/S: I'll never be happy with what they achieved

Discussing some question

Final preparation

Although all of us are still upset until now, we still have to except the fact that competition are not to be won at all times. But whatever it is, once it's over, it's over!!! I'll have to concentrate on my studies from now on then.
For SMK Lutong, DEEP DOWN WITHIN OUR HEARTS, WE WISH YOU ALL THE BEST in your state level competition.


P/S: We're your seniors, and state level is ain't going to be easy so don't put your hopes too high or else you'll be disappointed, upset, frustrated and devastated. I really hope that you guys would 'WIN' LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My dream cars in the furure......

I really don't know what's actually hapenning to me. I fell in love with a car. It's the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren

Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren

View of the inside of the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren

This is really a nice car. I wasn't really into cars until that day when I read a magazine on cars and that's when I fell in love with it. Another car that I love is the BMW Z4. That's such a cute car, LOL!

The BMW Z4

I read about the informations of the 2 cars and I love it so much. My dream cars in the future. Ireally love classy cars. LOL!!!!!! I watch about the BMW Z4 on National Geographic and managed to watch the process of a BMW Z4 being processed. What a cool car!!