Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Assignments piling up stresses me out. Slept quite early last night after compiling my math. tutorial exercises. I never realize at first how hectic was my schedule was until individual assignments and team projects started pouring in. I'm currently having 5 undone assignments and team projects and I'm still blogging, Ironicly.
Still trying to work it out one by one and some of it are almost done.Thank God:)

Monday, March 22, 2010 spammers....

It's kinda wierd that random people are starting to write whole lot of crap in my chat box.
I would like to say to that ".............", Who cares who you are? If you don't know the truth, just shut the heck up, back off and mind your own business. I don't think that my SPM results has anything to do with you.
Does it affect YOUR future?? NO!!!
Does it hurt you that I get such results?? I SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT!!!
Does it even bother you?? I DON'T THINK SO!!!
You're such a busybody. OMG!! I seriously wonder why do you like to be so random....maybe that's just you. BTW, whatever you say, I'm not giving it a shit. So, you can just shut up!!! They're a whole lot of blogs out there. Why not write something in their chatbox since that is what you like to do?? Geez, mind your own business!! None of my issues has anything to do with you!! Again, I don't care who you are!!
p/s: You can write whatever you want to write. But, just bear in mind that whatever you say is seriously LAME, STUPID and who knows what are you trying to say....

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random post

First day in campus was exhausting. Had my driving lessons that day and preety much lose focus while driving. I kept on going off land which I'm not suppose to do. The haze that day made me so sick and I even decided not to go to school for that entire week. But, the wierd thing is I'm currently blogging at school.
Checked my grouping and I was not satisfied coz none of the ones in my group are the ones that I knew which is so sad. Why on earth does it have to be those strangers and not the ones I know? Partly, it's also good coz I can get to know new friends and I don't have to stick to only those that I know. I can't say anything much but just to wait till monday and see how things goes. Things just don't turn out the way I wanted it to be which is so frustrating.
I'm seriously missing those good old days when I was still in secondary school where I can meet my best friends everyday. Now that we're all separated and I don't know where on earth are some of them are. Anyway, I know that I'll be meeting the same group of people on campus and I'll see how things goes.
Saw a news on newspaper today. That news I can know for sure that it's 100% true and all last year's SPM students is anxious to know. Results will be out on the 11th of March. It's really nerve racking!!! It's freaking me out coz I'm seriously worried about my results. I guess worrying is not the solution to my problem. Anyway I shall just wait and see............Oh! How I hate such moment!!
It's the last day of orientation and I hope I'll enjoy my day....tune in nxt time....toodles..