Sunday, April 26, 2009

Disappointed, upset, frustrated, devastated.....

Our EAK competiton was oficially over. BUT....non of my team mates were happy with the results! Stupid idiot SMK Lutong won the competition, F***k SMK Lutong!! How on earth can they win with that type of prsentation. Damn it!

SMK Lutong during their presentation

I really don't know wether is it the costume that they wore helped them or was it some other aspects. Anyway, I will never be happy with the final decision that those 'smart judges' came out with. They don't even deserve the first place trophy. Now, their presentation, all they did was just stealling videos from the net and that was their preentation. When I saw it, I went nuts. And I asked:"So, this is their presentation?" I turned and looked at my team mates, they went nuts too. using video as their presentation was so not professional. The worst thing was they wasn't even any sound when the interview was going on. WHAT THE HECK? And guess what? They freakin' won!!! I seriously wonder are those 'smart judges' blind or what? Gawd!!

Now St. Joseph! OMFG! A presentation using video too, which was super unprofessional. What the heck is going on with the judges? All that was in the video was only a few lame pictures.
WHAT THE HECK? And these were the people that got second.

SMK St. Joseph during their presentation ( Dalton was super funny and Rodney too)

And us, We F*****G got THIRD! Seriously, what's going on with the judges? We deserve a better result. DAMN IT! Our presentation was like 10 times better than them. We look much much more confident than them and how on earth can the other teams win! All of my team mates were super duper disappointed, upset, frustrated and devastated. Thanks to the judges that came out with the results. F*** YOU, JUDGES! What an unfair decision you guys came out with.

This is us during our presentation

I was super pissed with the results!! But, like what our principal said, as long as we gave it our best shot. At least our team managed to kick butts but not all! Geez!!!!!!!!! Anyway, it was a great and incredible experience.
But, at least we managed to get a trophy! All of the trophies were of the same size so, I was still a little happy.

So, this is our third place trophy

The wordings on the trophy

This was the video camera that company us throughout our preperation and our competition

It was oficially the end of the road for me and my team mates. But whatever it is,

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Got Caught!!!

We went for our EAK interview on wednesday and there was just of the shot that I did not realize that I was actually recording. I didn't know that Stacey actually did something which showed the ugly side of her. It was Stacey being greedy by stealing the food that we made. She was hungry, I guess? LOL!!!!!!! I didn't even realize that she stole the food untill when I was browsing through the videos I shot. Stacey and the others was laughing like hell and she was the one that laughed until she fell on the ground and still laughing. I laughed till my tummy hurts ///.

Stacey then told me to edit the video and gave me the permission to post it on my blog... LOL!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Super Frustrated!!!!

I went for the interview for my EAK project at Marriott hotel this morning. Unfortunately, It turn out to be a disaster! No video shooting was allowed during the interview For me, I think that it's only a session of Q&A. We were not allowed to do any video shooting, so we did not record any video but managed to take a few pictures. For me, It's still useless! What we needed was video not only pictures! Damn it! Anyway, Chef Anthony and Lian helped out a lot. Even though we did not get what we wanted, but I managed to sort of like enjoyed myself.

I actually lied down and sort of relaxed....nice! But the stress wasn't over yet!

Well, I didn't really enjoy my time coz the stress was still there! I'm not over with the competition yet ant still stressed out!!! I never expected it to be this stressful and tiring. Things just did not turn out the way I planed. It wasn't this stressing last year! I'm still keeping my fingers crossed and hopefully me and my team mates and get through it fast!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Back to Aussie open 2009

I'm bored recently so I had some flashbacks after watching Roger Federer losing his match at Miami to Novak Djokovic at the semi's. Back in January early this year at the Aussie open, Federer loss his match againts Rafa Nadal, How sad!

So this is Roger Federer crying...super emo...

Look at him... He wanted the trophy, I mean the title so badly

He cried because he tried super hard and finally got into the final. But unfortunately, there in the finals he met his greatest competitor, Rafa Nadal (Rafael Nadal). Poor Roger! Wanted the title so badly just to break former world No.1 Pete Sampras by obtaining 14 Grand slam titles, and yet to do so. So he has to work extra hard on the upcoming tournaments and the Grand Slams. He's 28 this year and Rafa is only 22 (I guess so) this year. Imagine he's at least 6 years older than Nadal and may not have the stamina that Nadal has. Now, Rafa capturing his 6th Grand slam title.

There's Nadal! Trying to help Roger by getting over his loss against him at the Aussie Open 2009

Nadal's traditional "trophy bite". (He does that to most of the trophy he gets)

Congrats,Nadal! So Federer, Work Harder! You can still beat Nadal. Give your best shot in the French Open, the upcoming Grand slams and tournaments!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Stressed out.....

Assignments, projects, tasks, competition stuff......It's racking my nerves! I just can't seem to get a job well done. I'm stressed out but I seriously thank God coz I have friends here for me whenever I'm in need. But still, I can't help it. All these tasks and projects made me go nuts. I just want to get6 over this quick and get the stress of me. Well, I have to get my interview questions done and get over the competition. I seriously don't know why within this few days, I got scolded by mummy for joining this competition. Daddy was kinda positive or can I say.....maybe couldn't be bothered at all. Well, I don't know what to do. I'm just trying to get over this damn feeling that's bothering me all this while. Tune in nxt time!!