Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Back to Aussie open 2009

I'm bored recently so I had some flashbacks after watching Roger Federer losing his match at Miami to Novak Djokovic at the semi's. Back in January early this year at the Aussie open, Federer loss his match againts Rafa Nadal, How sad!

So this is Roger Federer crying...super emo...

Look at him... He wanted the trophy, I mean the title so badly

He cried because he tried super hard and finally got into the final. But unfortunately, there in the finals he met his greatest competitor, Rafa Nadal (Rafael Nadal). Poor Roger! Wanted the title so badly just to break former world No.1 Pete Sampras by obtaining 14 Grand slam titles, and yet to do so. So he has to work extra hard on the upcoming tournaments and the Grand Slams. He's 28 this year and Rafa is only 22 (I guess so) this year. Imagine he's at least 6 years older than Nadal and may not have the stamina that Nadal has. Now, Rafa capturing his 6th Grand slam title.

There's Nadal! Trying to help Roger by getting over his loss against him at the Aussie Open 2009

Nadal's traditional "trophy bite". (He does that to most of the trophy he gets)

Congrats,Nadal! So Federer, Work Harder! You can still beat Nadal. Give your best shot in the French Open, the upcoming Grand slams and tournaments!

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