Friday, December 25, 2009

Random stuff

First of all, thousands of apologies for not updating my blog for so long. It has been rough since October coz I was preparing for SPM. Anyway, SPM is over....YAY!!!.... But, CRAP CRAP CRAP!!!... Fail my first law test for was easy but I failed. HOW ON EARTH????? Now, I have to resit and pay RM 27 again... listening to the person speaking in front about law *yawns* boring....

Got 2 tortoises recently and they STINK.....*phew*. I have to change the water every day because they seriously those photos but will upload in my next post.....It's really troublesome whenever they wanna eat different food. One of it loves tortoise food and the other one loves mango and refuses to eat tortoise food...But anyway, they're cute....

Will continue in my next post coz I'm speechless now......haha....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Results out.....

My exams results were out. Only for some other subjects only, I haven't receive some yet. Some of it I did show tremendous improvement but for some I really suck at it. I flunk my History and Physics so far. Good News!!!! I finally pass my Add. Maths. This is actually the first time I will have a 'blue' for my add math in my report card, *phew*. I seriously don't want to talk about the rest coz it sucks but some of it are okay.

Update News for US OPEN 2009
It was so cool. I am happy with the men's draw so far. Everything went well. Those expected in the quarters, they're all in. Except for the two Andy's. Andy Roddick lost to John Isner(I call him the Giant coz he's huge) in the third round and Andy Murray lost to Marin Cilic in the fourth round. The remaining top seeds advanced.

The shocking one was in the women's draw. The top 8 [except for Serena Williams(2)] all lost to unseeded players like the 17 year old youngster Melanie Oudin from States beat the all time favorite, Maria Sharapova in the third round. Dinara Safina(1) lost to Petra Kvitova (CZE) in the third round too. She's only 19 years old, wow. Venus Williams(3) lost to Kim Clijsters in the fourth round which was kinda shocking.

I'm still hoping for more expected results in both draw. I'm awiting the Finals........

Friday, September 4, 2009

Not my day...

I freakin' sprained my back this morning when I was trying to bend down to pick up a tiny piece of stone that was in my socks. I didn't know that it was that bad. I could bearly move now and the pain in my back is killing me. It hurts so badly!!!! I had to go home from school this morning coz it was hurting real bad.Gosh........

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Random stuff

Trial exams going to be over soon...2 more stressful days and it's over but not officially yet. The real one is yet to come....I would guess....approx. 2 months from now. I'm kinda bored but the weather is just too cozy for me. I'm freezing cold here, this morning in school during exams too.

US OPEN 2009
Good News!! Federer made it through the first round. There's more to come.....hehe. Haven't seen Nadal in action. Even though I don't really like him, I'll wish him the best...I bet that Federer is looking forward to

Friday, August 21, 2009



Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Update News......

I finally found pictures of Federer's twin girls.....hehe...

The First Family Picture...... The baby are super tiny like

The Twin Girls.... Myla and Charlene

Federer with one of the twin girls....
I guess that they will be the future "Williams sisters" I can't wait till US open arrive. Really waiting to see Federer dominating the competition.....
On the other hand, stressed out because of exams. It's still going on and will only end one week after the hols.....crap......

Monday, July 27, 2009

Welcome to the world, Charlene Riva and Myla Rose

Hey, people! Roger Federer and his wife Mirka proudly announced the birth of twin daughters, Charlene Riva and Myla Rose, who were born Thursday night, July 23rd in Switzerland. It was the greatest day of their lives. Mirka, Myla and Charlene are all healthy and doing very well. I really wanted to see how the babies look likebut I just can't seem to find pictures from the internet. People were saying if one day Federer's twins would be the next williams sisters, how cool would that be and maybe another Bryan brothers coming up?? Who knows....hehe...

Anyway, Congrats to Roger and Mirka on the birth of their beautiful twin girls.
Cheers to a new beginning for Federer!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A random post

I am bored......way bored! I'm not in a mood to study and just feel like sleeping. I have actually nothing much to post about but I'm just trying to keep my blog up-to-date unlike Xin Zhe's blog. It was like completely out-of-date but it's much better now. At least he took the initiative to update by posting 1 post. All the stress that's pushing me to study is still there. I really can't understand why Jia Hui can actually sit down and study for hours. I guess that's probably self-discipline. This is some thing that she has and I don't and that's not right coz SPM is just around the corner........STUDY...........

Today during EST class, nearly all of us were busted. Izaac and his gang got 55 marks dimerit for not having their EST excercise book checked by teacher. Miss Victoria was saying that Izaac was trying to take advantage of her just because Miss Vic knows him well just because he's in the drama team. Well, I don't know how true is it but at the end of the day it's still up to Izaac on how he feels. Yea, the whole class got scolded except for Joon Tak. Miss Vic actually took his excercise and compare with the rest. Hs excercise is actually 2 times more than some of the others. He got 10 or 11 excercises but thank God that I got 7! I admitt that I did not do the essay on Haze is because that I wasn't in class. She gave that essay when I was busy preparing for my EAK competition. Another essay that was missing was the one that she gave last week. In fact, I couldn't be bothered!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Biggest loser

First things first, I'm completely addicted to The Biggest Loser. I'm currently watching..... I don't really know which season is it but I watch The best things about The Biggest Loser is not really the contestants but it's actually the trainers.

Bob Harper (The coolest trainer ever)

Kim Lyons (The Pretty one)

Jillian Michaels (The Pusher)

Jedidiah and Ashley came over that Friday and I actually taught Jedidiah how to say 'Uncle Bob', 'Auntie Jillian' and 'Auntie Kim'. We were watching The Biggest Loser at that time. It was funny coz he can't really get the pronunciations right. He's considered smart because he's only 2 years old and he's still learning. Well, The Biggest Loser is really something that is nice to watch. I can't believe that mummy actually watches it too...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's Hilarious!!!

It's someone singing. You can watch it on you tube at this address:
Trust me, It's HILARIOUS!!

Completely ADDICTED!!!

Now, recently I am hooked up with quite a number of things. First things first, I'm completely hooked up to Friends for Sale on Facebook and I know that it's not good for me,like what my er jie told me. hehe. But it's fun and it's simply hard to resist. Secondly, Singapore drama. I've been borrowing disc from Jia Hui that she bought earlier on. Geez! SPM is just around the corner and I still can't really concentrate on my studies. I calculated, it's only 124 days from today. Other than that, I'm completely addicted to The Biggest Loser. It's inspiring to those who desperately wants to loose weight.
4 more months till SPM. How sad! I needed more time to study but how badly I want to get over SPM. Isn't that just wierd. Well, whatever! I've been missing someone recently. I hardly get "HI's" from him recently. I'm missing his* smile! *sigh*

Friday, July 10, 2009

REST IN PEACE, Mathieu Montcourt

Mathieu Montcourt
I heard from the news last night that a fellow french tennis player passed away. Surprisingly he's only 24 years old. He was found dead in front of the door to his ground floor apartment in the Paris suburb of Boulogne-Billancourt early Tuesday. He was actually discovered by his girlfriend. After an autopsy, it is said that he died of an sudden heart attack also known as pulmonary embolism but they can't really conclude the whole thing.
Mathieu was an enthusiastic young man, passionate, very endearing, and extremely appreciated for his kindness and politeness. Even though I don't really know him well but I only know that he's a friend of Rafael Nadal. Well, rest in peace, Mathieu!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Federer's 15th Grand Slam Title...Congrats Federer!!

Another trememdous season on grass. Federer managed to capture his 15th Grand Slam Title against AndyRoddick in Wimbledon 2009 men's singles final. It was a fantastic 5 set match. Federer won 5-7, 7-6, 7-6, 3-6, 16-14. The fifth match this time was the longest match I've ever watch in all the matches that I've watched before. That victory for Roddick did not last long
Roger Federer Standing tall in the Centre court of Wimbledon after his victory against Andy Roddick
All I can give is a WOW! GREAT JOB, GUYS!! It was really a great match. This year was another all Willams final in the women's singles. Serena won againts Venus, 7-6, 6-2. Again, the sisters captured the title once again in the women's doubles. WOW! CONGRATS, WILLIAMS!!! I'm still hoping for another great season of hard court before the US OPEN. I bet that it's gonna be great because Nadal is suffering from a long term knee injury. I guess Federer is looking foward to another tremendous season on hard court. Cheers, Federer, to another new begining.

Friday, July 3, 2009

A nerve racking day

Okay... I'm super duper scared and anxious because tonight is my second time being an emcee. I can assume that this is my first time in a event that is more important. My first time was during the school's SPBT telematch. That event was considered nothing because it was only in front of the club members and only some students from another school.

Tonight is really going to be something different because it's going to be in front of people outside the school and from other places. I used to have stage fright but I managed to overcome it during my primary school years in the Choral Speaking team. Well, I'm trying to calm myself down and not be so nervous. I guess I won't because I have stacey to be my partner tonight on stage. I'm just hoping that I can do my very best and at the same time get through the second audition for the concert emcee.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Freakin' PISSED because of Freakin' NATIONAL SERVICE!!!

Yesterday morning really gave me a shock. I heard people coming in to the school compound and they were all talking about NS. My mind grow curious and after leaving my bags in the class, I ran over to L1 and asked Stacey about all these things. I couldn't believe that the list for our batch is already out.
She sent a message to the number 15888 and found out something like.....Tahniah....anda dipilih untuk menyertai PLKN siri 7/2010. It was something like that, I guess... I then asked her to check for my name. I was freakin' nervous and didn't know what to hope for. All that was in my mind at that moment was hoping that I won't be chosen. And guess what? The same messege again came to stacey's phone. I did not thought much. I SCREAMED.
It was so loud that nearly all the people next door heard me and came over to have a peep. I was completely out of my mind. I nearly cried too but luckily I did not. I WAS FREAKIN' CHOSEN FOR NATIONAL SERVICE. That is so not right. Well, that's the fact and I can't change it. So..... I guess I'll have to go then. I guess that it won't harm me much.....
*P/S: For those who wants to check for their names, you can check via SMS. Just send...
PLKN SEMAK IC NO and send it to 15888. Wait for a moment and you'll get your shocking reply. It will either be TAHNIAH or MAAF.....

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Holidays over, SPM approaching and much much more activity in my way. I got back my results from school and it was CRAP! I flunked most of my subjects and it was really crap but I tried my best.
Wimbledon is coming up TODAY and I'm freakin' excited. I'm all fired up! I heard a tremendous news which made me soooooooooooooooo happy. Rafa is not playing this time at Wimbledon due to his knee injury and because of that he had to pull out from Wimbledon. He gave Federer a huge chance so he could gain back that glory that he gained years ago in which he won Wimbledon 5 years in a row and nadal broke his hope in the 6th year where Federer wanted the title so badly. Now, Federer's number one threat is gone for this tournament but I believe that he will still meet strong opponents like Robin Soderling, Novak Djokovic and much more strong competitor which is standing in his way.

Federer and his trophy during one of his victory at Wimbledon. (This would probably happen this year again...I guess)

This situation will never happen again.

To Azureen, If you're reading this, you would probably be pissed. LOL. You always know that I am Federer's supporter and you'll understand. I bet that he will beat Pete Sampras's record.

Well, my birthday had past. I got numerous birthday wishes from my friends but non from my family members =( Kah Hui bought me a cake from Secret Recipe. It was good! I enjoyed it very much. Azureen gave me a birthday card, thanks! For now, I shall start studying and strive for better results. haha. Cheers to a new beginning! For me to study is really something new.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

French Open 2009.... the intruder caught....

Another thrilling clay court season, where it ends at Roland Garros. Yet it was an upset for the four time champion of the French Open, Rafael Nadal. Robin Soderling beat the hell out of Nadal in four sets. It was indeed another upset for the Spaniard since he lost in Monte Carlo before the French Open 2009.

Rafa was upset after beaten by Robin Soderling of Sweeden

But anyway, he's still young and has more chance in the future and I bet that he will grab those chances and will never let it slip through his hands.
During the second set in the finals, there was an intruder who came in so suddenly and attacked Federer, not attack actually, it was one of his fans which wanted to give support. The intruder's name is JIMMY. But lucky enough, Federer was okay.

The intruder trying to do something to Federer's head

He tried to put a cap on Federer's funny!

The intruder trying to do something again

He ran and they chase

and chase.....

He hopped over the net and ran towards Soderling.


Well, Roger Federer actually captured his FIRST French Open title this year coz his number one threat was out of the tournament. He had a match againtst Robin Soderling in the finals. But I could not belive my eyes that Federer actually won.

Even he himself reacted sooooooooooo.....

Federer for the first time kissing his trophy

Congrats, Roger on your first win at Roland Garros. Do that again at the upcoming Wimbledon.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Siblings tend to win Amazing Race...Yay! Tammy and Victor

It's has come to another end of a season of The Amazing Race. Season 14 is seriously a season worth watching. With fantastic and competitive teams pushing to the limits, it's really nerve racking when it comes to an end of another leg. I was very happy to see Tammy and Victor finished first at the finish line and captured the one million dollar prize.
Tammy and Victor (siblings and lawyers), which is my favorite team on this season. Throughout the race, you can see them pushing themselves to the limits and let nothing stop them. I can't really remember how many legs they actually won but it's more than the other teams. I'm really amazed with the relationship that they have although there's still fights and arguments at the beginning few legs but thank God, it became better which did not affect their position in the race.

Tammy and Victor

Now, Jamie and Cara (Former NFL Cheerleaders). They came in second at the finish line. I like them coz they're cute although they may be demanding at times with their cab driver. hahahaha. They're not so competitive compared to the rest.

Jamie and Cara

Margie and Luke (Mother and son), this mother and son team really impress me a lot even though they're not my favorite team. This is because Luke is the first dumb and deaf contestant that has ever compete on the Amazing Race. The thing that impresses many is his perseverance and his mother. Margie is really a strong and dedicated single mother. Having raised a child that's dumb and deaf is not easy but requires the will power to overcome all the obstacles in life. They came in third at the finish line coz he struggled at the final road block but he really have a fantastic memory but Victor has the best.
Margie and Luke

I'm still looking to another season of The Amazing Race and can't wait to watch another team of siblings win the race again and hopefully create a new record whereby in few consecutive times siblings wins The Amazing Race.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Super duper EMO month...flashing back......

I really don't know why on earth am I so emo since the emcee announced the results of our EAK Competition until now and I am always bothered by the results and can't seem to get out of that freakin' vision that I get whenever I shut my eyes. Honestly, looking at those faces of the St. Joseph students assuming that their 'worst' than us (in fact, they're thinking that they're better than us) really annoyed me a lot (I mean A LOT!!!!! They were super fake). Gawd!! And SMK LUTONG, I never liked that school, I mean those EAK students! Gosh, It's killing me!!! But anyway, It's an experience that me and my team mates will never forget. Indeed, I was kinda traumatized by the results and could not except it in the first place. Well, I can't do anything too!!

This is us before our competition starts

Funny faces
(look at those people behind, they're the Josephian's)
P/S: I'll never be happy with what they achieved

Discussing some question

Final preparation

Although all of us are still upset until now, we still have to except the fact that competition are not to be won at all times. But whatever it is, once it's over, it's over!!! I'll have to concentrate on my studies from now on then.
For SMK Lutong, DEEP DOWN WITHIN OUR HEARTS, WE WISH YOU ALL THE BEST in your state level competition.


P/S: We're your seniors, and state level is ain't going to be easy so don't put your hopes too high or else you'll be disappointed, upset, frustrated and devastated. I really hope that you guys would 'WIN' LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My dream cars in the furure......

I really don't know what's actually hapenning to me. I fell in love with a car. It's the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren

Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren

View of the inside of the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren

This is really a nice car. I wasn't really into cars until that day when I read a magazine on cars and that's when I fell in love with it. Another car that I love is the BMW Z4. That's such a cute car, LOL!

The BMW Z4

I read about the informations of the 2 cars and I love it so much. My dream cars in the future. Ireally love classy cars. LOL!!!!!! I watch about the BMW Z4 on National Geographic and managed to watch the process of a BMW Z4 being processed. What a cool car!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Disappointed, upset, frustrated, devastated.....

Our EAK competiton was oficially over. BUT....non of my team mates were happy with the results! Stupid idiot SMK Lutong won the competition, F***k SMK Lutong!! How on earth can they win with that type of prsentation. Damn it!

SMK Lutong during their presentation

I really don't know wether is it the costume that they wore helped them or was it some other aspects. Anyway, I will never be happy with the final decision that those 'smart judges' came out with. They don't even deserve the first place trophy. Now, their presentation, all they did was just stealling videos from the net and that was their preentation. When I saw it, I went nuts. And I asked:"So, this is their presentation?" I turned and looked at my team mates, they went nuts too. using video as their presentation was so not professional. The worst thing was they wasn't even any sound when the interview was going on. WHAT THE HECK? And guess what? They freakin' won!!! I seriously wonder are those 'smart judges' blind or what? Gawd!!

Now St. Joseph! OMFG! A presentation using video too, which was super unprofessional. What the heck is going on with the judges? All that was in the video was only a few lame pictures.
WHAT THE HECK? And these were the people that got second.

SMK St. Joseph during their presentation ( Dalton was super funny and Rodney too)

And us, We F*****G got THIRD! Seriously, what's going on with the judges? We deserve a better result. DAMN IT! Our presentation was like 10 times better than them. We look much much more confident than them and how on earth can the other teams win! All of my team mates were super duper disappointed, upset, frustrated and devastated. Thanks to the judges that came out with the results. F*** YOU, JUDGES! What an unfair decision you guys came out with.

This is us during our presentation

I was super pissed with the results!! But, like what our principal said, as long as we gave it our best shot. At least our team managed to kick butts but not all! Geez!!!!!!!!! Anyway, it was a great and incredible experience.
But, at least we managed to get a trophy! All of the trophies were of the same size so, I was still a little happy.

So, this is our third place trophy

The wordings on the trophy

This was the video camera that company us throughout our preperation and our competition

It was oficially the end of the road for me and my team mates. But whatever it is,

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Got Caught!!!

We went for our EAK interview on wednesday and there was just of the shot that I did not realize that I was actually recording. I didn't know that Stacey actually did something which showed the ugly side of her. It was Stacey being greedy by stealing the food that we made. She was hungry, I guess? LOL!!!!!!! I didn't even realize that she stole the food untill when I was browsing through the videos I shot. Stacey and the others was laughing like hell and she was the one that laughed until she fell on the ground and still laughing. I laughed till my tummy hurts ///.

Stacey then told me to edit the video and gave me the permission to post it on my blog... LOL!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Super Frustrated!!!!

I went for the interview for my EAK project at Marriott hotel this morning. Unfortunately, It turn out to be a disaster! No video shooting was allowed during the interview For me, I think that it's only a session of Q&A. We were not allowed to do any video shooting, so we did not record any video but managed to take a few pictures. For me, It's still useless! What we needed was video not only pictures! Damn it! Anyway, Chef Anthony and Lian helped out a lot. Even though we did not get what we wanted, but I managed to sort of like enjoyed myself.

I actually lied down and sort of relaxed....nice! But the stress wasn't over yet!

Well, I didn't really enjoy my time coz the stress was still there! I'm not over with the competition yet ant still stressed out!!! I never expected it to be this stressful and tiring. Things just did not turn out the way I planed. It wasn't this stressing last year! I'm still keeping my fingers crossed and hopefully me and my team mates and get through it fast!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Back to Aussie open 2009

I'm bored recently so I had some flashbacks after watching Roger Federer losing his match at Miami to Novak Djokovic at the semi's. Back in January early this year at the Aussie open, Federer loss his match againts Rafa Nadal, How sad!

So this is Roger Federer crying...super emo...

Look at him... He wanted the trophy, I mean the title so badly

He cried because he tried super hard and finally got into the final. But unfortunately, there in the finals he met his greatest competitor, Rafa Nadal (Rafael Nadal). Poor Roger! Wanted the title so badly just to break former world No.1 Pete Sampras by obtaining 14 Grand slam titles, and yet to do so. So he has to work extra hard on the upcoming tournaments and the Grand Slams. He's 28 this year and Rafa is only 22 (I guess so) this year. Imagine he's at least 6 years older than Nadal and may not have the stamina that Nadal has. Now, Rafa capturing his 6th Grand slam title.

There's Nadal! Trying to help Roger by getting over his loss against him at the Aussie Open 2009

Nadal's traditional "trophy bite". (He does that to most of the trophy he gets)

Congrats,Nadal! So Federer, Work Harder! You can still beat Nadal. Give your best shot in the French Open, the upcoming Grand slams and tournaments!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Stressed out.....

Assignments, projects, tasks, competition stuff......It's racking my nerves! I just can't seem to get a job well done. I'm stressed out but I seriously thank God coz I have friends here for me whenever I'm in need. But still, I can't help it. All these tasks and projects made me go nuts. I just want to get6 over this quick and get the stress of me. Well, I have to get my interview questions done and get over the competition. I seriously don't know why within this few days, I got scolded by mummy for joining this competition. Daddy was kinda positive or can I say.....maybe couldn't be bothered at all. Well, I don't know what to do. I'm just trying to get over this damn feeling that's bothering me all this while. Tune in nxt time!!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Haven't been blogging for quite a while.....Just finished exams last week, but I know that there's still a long way to go.....haha.....I've been so bored I wasn't in a mood to study.....opps! English oral, right after holidays and I'm not done memorizing my script yet. I heard about the news of Mirka pregnant! Wow! That was so sudden. I happened to know about it from the papers...and the internet too...

The RF logo (by Roger Federer)
I just love this....I don't know why!!

This one

This shot is hard to be captured..... I got it...
With the effects, it's not easy!

I happened to find this from one of the websites
soooooooo funny..... can't remember where I got it....