Sunday, April 26, 2009

Disappointed, upset, frustrated, devastated.....

Our EAK competiton was oficially over. BUT....non of my team mates were happy with the results! Stupid idiot SMK Lutong won the competition, F***k SMK Lutong!! How on earth can they win with that type of prsentation. Damn it!

SMK Lutong during their presentation

I really don't know wether is it the costume that they wore helped them or was it some other aspects. Anyway, I will never be happy with the final decision that those 'smart judges' came out with. They don't even deserve the first place trophy. Now, their presentation, all they did was just stealling videos from the net and that was their preentation. When I saw it, I went nuts. And I asked:"So, this is their presentation?" I turned and looked at my team mates, they went nuts too. using video as their presentation was so not professional. The worst thing was they wasn't even any sound when the interview was going on. WHAT THE HECK? And guess what? They freakin' won!!! I seriously wonder are those 'smart judges' blind or what? Gawd!!

Now St. Joseph! OMFG! A presentation using video too, which was super unprofessional. What the heck is going on with the judges? All that was in the video was only a few lame pictures.
WHAT THE HECK? And these were the people that got second.

SMK St. Joseph during their presentation ( Dalton was super funny and Rodney too)

And us, We F*****G got THIRD! Seriously, what's going on with the judges? We deserve a better result. DAMN IT! Our presentation was like 10 times better than them. We look much much more confident than them and how on earth can the other teams win! All of my team mates were super duper disappointed, upset, frustrated and devastated. Thanks to the judges that came out with the results. F*** YOU, JUDGES! What an unfair decision you guys came out with.

This is us during our presentation

I was super pissed with the results!! But, like what our principal said, as long as we gave it our best shot. At least our team managed to kick butts but not all! Geez!!!!!!!!! Anyway, it was a great and incredible experience.
But, at least we managed to get a trophy! All of the trophies were of the same size so, I was still a little happy.

So, this is our third place trophy

The wordings on the trophy

This was the video camera that company us throughout our preperation and our competition

It was oficially the end of the road for me and my team mates. But whatever it is,



FUCK em hannah. fuck the fucking judges, fuck the fucking lutong's team. fuck the fucking stjo's team. like WHATEVER. but FUCK THEM! im going to be emo for this whole month. remember those annoying expression when the speakers announced their group got the 2nd place? fuck em! i went all emo for the whole weekends ya know. FUCK them. the result is completely destroyed me. uh. enaff. whatever it takes, as long as we gave our best shot. we tendang burit bah =D

LUGOSS said...

i respect ur school and please respect us. we just doing our best shot to do the best .