Friday, July 3, 2009

A nerve racking day

Okay... I'm super duper scared and anxious because tonight is my second time being an emcee. I can assume that this is my first time in a event that is more important. My first time was during the school's SPBT telematch. That event was considered nothing because it was only in front of the club members and only some students from another school.

Tonight is really going to be something different because it's going to be in front of people outside the school and from other places. I used to have stage fright but I managed to overcome it during my primary school years in the Choral Speaking team. Well, I'm trying to calm myself down and not be so nervous. I guess I won't because I have stacey to be my partner tonight on stage. I'm just hoping that I can do my very best and at the same time get through the second audition for the concert emcee.

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