Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A random post

I am bored......way bored! I'm not in a mood to study and just feel like sleeping. I have actually nothing much to post about but I'm just trying to keep my blog up-to-date unlike Xin Zhe's blog. It was like completely out-of-date but it's much better now. At least he took the initiative to update by posting 1 post. All the stress that's pushing me to study is still there. I really can't understand why Jia Hui can actually sit down and study for hours. I guess that's probably self-discipline. This is some thing that she has and I don't and that's not right coz SPM is just around the corner........STUDY...........

Today during EST class, nearly all of us were busted. Izaac and his gang got 55 marks dimerit for not having their EST excercise book checked by teacher. Miss Victoria was saying that Izaac was trying to take advantage of her just because Miss Vic knows him well just because he's in the drama team. Well, I don't know how true is it but at the end of the day it's still up to Izaac on how he feels. Yea, the whole class got scolded except for Joon Tak. Miss Vic actually took his excercise and compare with the rest. Hs excercise is actually 2 times more than some of the others. He got 10 or 11 excercises but thank God that I got 7! I admitt that I did not do the essay on Haze is because that I wasn't in class. She gave that essay when I was busy preparing for my EAK competition. Another essay that was missing was the one that she gave last week. In fact, I couldn't be bothered!!!

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