Friday, May 8, 2009

Super duper EMO month...flashing back......

I really don't know why on earth am I so emo since the emcee announced the results of our EAK Competition until now and I am always bothered by the results and can't seem to get out of that freakin' vision that I get whenever I shut my eyes. Honestly, looking at those faces of the St. Joseph students assuming that their 'worst' than us (in fact, they're thinking that they're better than us) really annoyed me a lot (I mean A LOT!!!!! They were super fake). Gawd!! And SMK LUTONG, I never liked that school, I mean those EAK students! Gosh, It's killing me!!! But anyway, It's an experience that me and my team mates will never forget. Indeed, I was kinda traumatized by the results and could not except it in the first place. Well, I can't do anything too!!

This is us before our competition starts

Funny faces
(look at those people behind, they're the Josephian's)
P/S: I'll never be happy with what they achieved

Discussing some question

Final preparation

Although all of us are still upset until now, we still have to except the fact that competition are not to be won at all times. But whatever it is, once it's over, it's over!!! I'll have to concentrate on my studies from now on then.
For SMK Lutong, DEEP DOWN WITHIN OUR HEARTS, WE WISH YOU ALL THE BEST in your state level competition.


P/S: We're your seniors, and state level is ain't going to be easy so don't put your hopes too high or else you'll be disappointed, upset, frustrated and devastated. I really hope that you guys would 'WIN' LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

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