Sunday, June 21, 2009


Holidays over, SPM approaching and much much more activity in my way. I got back my results from school and it was CRAP! I flunked most of my subjects and it was really crap but I tried my best.
Wimbledon is coming up TODAY and I'm freakin' excited. I'm all fired up! I heard a tremendous news which made me soooooooooooooooo happy. Rafa is not playing this time at Wimbledon due to his knee injury and because of that he had to pull out from Wimbledon. He gave Federer a huge chance so he could gain back that glory that he gained years ago in which he won Wimbledon 5 years in a row and nadal broke his hope in the 6th year where Federer wanted the title so badly. Now, Federer's number one threat is gone for this tournament but I believe that he will still meet strong opponents like Robin Soderling, Novak Djokovic and much more strong competitor which is standing in his way.

Federer and his trophy during one of his victory at Wimbledon. (This would probably happen this year again...I guess)

This situation will never happen again.

To Azureen, If you're reading this, you would probably be pissed. LOL. You always know that I am Federer's supporter and you'll understand. I bet that he will beat Pete Sampras's record.

Well, my birthday had past. I got numerous birthday wishes from my friends but non from my family members =( Kah Hui bought me a cake from Secret Recipe. It was good! I enjoyed it very much. Azureen gave me a birthday card, thanks! For now, I shall start studying and strive for better results. haha. Cheers to a new beginning! For me to study is really something new.

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